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When a photographer gets a custom photo album as a gift.

This Father’s Day I received one of the best gifts in my recent father’s day memory. My wife took it upon herself to make me a signature photo album with pictures that she had taken throughout the year.

Now as a photographer I’m used to creating and designing signature albums for clients but to receive one was special. These were pictures that she had taken of us and our two kids. As I looked at the album it instantly took me back to those times.

Confession time, I get emotional when thinking about my kids, so when I was flipping through the pages I got that feeling when you’re about to cry but had to resist because my kids and wife were staring at me so I had to choke it back a bit.

I know that we will never get to experience those exact times again and that’s why this album was so special to me. It reminded me to enjoy every minute with the kids and that I’m so blessed as father. That the special thing about photos and photo albums, they remind us what’s important in life.

Chris Booth